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Daily Archives: July 28th, 2017

Now that the ACA is safe for now we need to see what the Majority ruled Congress will do to us next. Under the guise of doing good work for the oft cited “American people” these “noble men” have allowed the Tweeter in Chief to say and attempt to do unspeakable thing to the people of the United States. Our less than stellar representatives are so set in doing what they perceive as our desires that they cannot or will not understand the impact of their actions. One thing TOTUS has said is the upcoming election year will cause some issues for some of them. We are in a situation where we have few representatives who really understand what working together for a common good  instead of along party lines. To be clear we elect representatives from local to federal to advance laws and processes that benefit ALL of us. Currently (if you are paying attention) our administration and majority Congress is traveling a path that will lead us to a point of  difficult return. The promises made by TOTUS look good on the surface but due to his history of shotgun actions many cannot be done since he has taken no time to gather information that makes these promises viable. His cabinet works without direction beyond their personal agendas with the tacit approval from the Oval office. His major demand of all of his appointees is loyalty to him and no one else no matter what the result does to the voters. In spite of this he still has supporters who believe  he is for them and that is backed up by the Alt right and radical right pundits who call themselves patriots. If as a United States do not pay close attention beyond slanted news and tweets, we could very well be on a war footing that we cannot afford and isolated commercially.

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America has become the country that we have defended against and revolted against over 200 years ago. The reasons, we have elected a child as President whose sole objective is to undo anything done by the Former President.  This undoing is not done in a context of  having a better way  or getting knowledge of the laws or orders he is undoing. It appears that he is seeking adoration much like Hitler and Caligula. There is no substance to his speeches as he is still on the campaign trial rather than schooling himself in governing and the issues that affect that governance. His cabinet picks are wealthy people (for the most part) whose experiences do not relate to the American public so cannot make judgements or decisions that do any good for us. This President has one source of information (more uninformed opinion than fact) and that is the Fox news network. He seemingly pays no heed to his cabinet so gives no guidance to them. This method of governing is a formula for disaster as we are beginning to see with a Congress that is using his ignorance as a reason to unleash their worse on the American people. Our European and Asian partners are looking at this and have decided that they no longer have a strong ally or trading party. This situation has given rise to the Russian surge in conflict areas and the radical sectors of many areas. Mr. Trump  has used Twitter as his primary communication media but gives no substantive meaning or background to his tweets. His Whitehouse staff have spent much of their time parsing his tweets rather than issuing meaningful information (which appears to be lacking). His ”command staff” have gone from parsing to outright lying about his meanings and offering “alternate facts”. If the signal for liars were truly flaming pants then the White house as well as the Congress would be burned to the ground.


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The current administration has demonstrated the worst of America, we have a Congress for the most part That has no moral compass and they are set on removing healthcare from millions while attempting to convince the people that what they are doing is for their own good. We have a Commander in Tweet who is no more than a ego driven bully. Our prime drive should be to carefully vet anyone we vote for from the local level up to the Federal level. We as voters need to ignore campaign rhetoric as these “speeches” are just talk. Researching the record and background of current servers and aspiring candidates is the best option for choosing who you vote for. The toughest job we have is responsible voting , that is look at the representatives we currently have and deciding if they are standing up for you. Lies fall easier on the ears than the truth but we need a lot of truth now? The backers and spokespeople for the White house are now attempting to persuade us that vetting candidates , as stated below:

Top White House adviser Kellyanne Conway said Thursday on “Fox & Friends” that having to complete financial disclosure forms demoralizes qualified people from serving in government. “There are so many qualified men and women who wanted to serve this president, this administration and their country, who have been completely demoralized and completely, I think, disinclined to do so based on the paperwork that we have to put forward divesting assets, the different hoops you have to run through,” Conway said.

Meanwhile TOTUS is issuing tweets as policy and executive orders rather than do the work of governing, that is ask questions , research the legality of what he wants to do. Instead he gets his information from Faux news and his close aides who have a goal of creating a antebellum nation. The President is using these tweets as a way of Governing yet nothing of substance is coming out the Oval office. We are in the grips of a small man who through the lack of voter involvement got into office.

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