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Daily Archives: July 18th, 2017

The neer do wells have decided to repeal the ACA (Obamacare) since their replacement did not happen. The past 7 to 8 years afforded more than enough time to tweak the ACA but in their own incredibly stupid fashion the Dupublican Congress has used race baiting and fear to turn people against the closest we have come to universal heath care. The people who are covered under the ACA are happy and have voiced their opinion to their representatives and everywhere else they could. The worst part of this whole deal is that  many do not realize the ACA and Obamacare are the same, this lack of knowledge is steeped in the massive advertising against it by the most prominent members of the GOP. Now the GOP has been unable to replace and now want to repeal it to the detriment of millions. With this information why would the voters listen to anything the GOP or any other politician has to say about what they are doing for us? We have “leaders” in politics who have one (1) goal and that is to take care of themselves and what ever legacy they perceive as more important than doing the job they were elected to do. As an aside the Congress and staff would have been exempted from the proposed (and failed)  “new” health care bill. I would like to see more of us reading and viewing the real truth about our Congress and  vote for people who really want to serve. Party loyalty is a liability not an asset, vote for the truth , not a sound bite.

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