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Daily Archives: September 14th, 2017

In the hope that all of us will and do understand what the current administration is about. The TOTUS is merely an approbation seeker who cannot exist without adoration. This why his “town Halls” are campaign style set ups with a group of selected attendees. The Tweeter-in-Chief doesn’t want any ideas that will actually make a difference to the population of the United States. His actions to date have been primarily to undo anything the past administrations have done without investigating the long range or future effects of those actions. His core supporters while thinning out feel he is doing a good job (until it bites them in the Arse). The “MAGA” movement falls right in line with the Radical right and left factions agendas, which is simply anarchy and using the dissatisfaction of his base to further their own needs. I am wondering how many fire extinguishers are in the Whitehouse and the Congress as the outpouring of lies, misrepresentations and similar non truths raise the specter of a massive fire aka :”liar, liar pants on fire”. I can conceive of a modification to the Oval office that was not reported and that is a rubber lining to allow bouncing off the walls. I will watch to see if this administration changes with the recent “bounces” by the administration. My belief is years end will bring changes that can be good and bad, which will be dominant is yet to be seen.

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