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Daily Archives: September 28th, 2017

The acronym “MAGA” is essentially an oxymoron. America has always been great, what has not been great is the ascension of extreme politics which does not take into account ALL of the needs of ALL of the people. Buzz words, sound bites and specialty names are meaningless to most people since they do not understand the underlying meanings. The wide assortment of political leanings, factions and subsets have created  more confusion than relevance. The mass media that arrives daily via our home and mobile media devices  assaults  our senses and create more doubt than fact. The well known pundits on all sides have their own and their managed opinions but these are not always the opinions or thoughts of the majority of voters. The Making of a great America starts with creating a homogenous society where ALL citizens can live the life they require while being able to dissent without violence. The firebrands we view are not and probably cannot speak for people who they have not mirrored to understand their daily lives no matter what their station in life is. The worst issues we have at this time is the constant stream of lies and subterfuge piled on us by our elected officials. It has come to the point that  these neer do wells have decided to keep us confused with rhetoric which explains nothing and hides their own personal goals which do not include anything good for voters. We have moved to a place where the line between separation of church and state is becoming blurred much to our detriment. Religion is personal and has no place in politics beyond taking an oath. The recent flare-ups between factions that mirror the actions of pre WW II Germany is disturbing and  received much the same way as it was then. Many people dont like it but do or say nothing about it as long as it does not affect them personally. Make no mistake these actions can and will affect you if left unchecked. Best examples : Castro’s Cuba, Mao Ze Dong’s China, and the Taliban, the results are clear. If you want change it needs to come from  informed voters and information is not a one stop shop. It is well to remember lies sound better than truth but truth will not harm you.

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