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Daily Archives: September 26th, 2017

America was founded on protest. The current administration was ushered in on protests yet Totus is attempting to exert pressure on protesters. This time it’s the NFL, is there anyone or thing that his President will not attack? It is bad enough that he has no idea what his “job” entails and cannot seem to do it but to spend his time tweeting on everything that can garner attention is hardly the job he was selected to do. This minion has caused a huge rift in America and has distracted  many from the harm he is doing here and abroad. It reminds me of what a certain German despot did in the 30’s (I believe Trumps family originated in Germany). The 1930’s brought us Adolph Hitler and his cohorts who murdered millions (including Germans) but made it look acceptable with lies and innuendo. We have a Tweeter In Chief  who for lack of a moral compass will have millions without healthcare, have us in wars with other countries and standing alone because our allies have been alienated by his actions. (very Hitlerian). The one thing we can be sure of is the next President will have fences to mend thereby taking time way from the work of fixing our own homegrown problems while Donny rides into the sunset with his phone in his hands exclaiming what a good job he has done. The worst part of all of this that he does not understand or perhaps cannot  the long range effect of his actions and those of his cabinet. To put a fine point on things the GOP aka Dupublicans have shown their willingness to lie with a straight face to their constituents  to get campaign promises enacted no matter the cost in human health and ultimately jobs. This administration was voted in on promises and lies and continues on that track in all its dealings. Our allies world wide are looking at us with amazement at the dysfunction and wondering where it will end.

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