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Daily Archives: September 22nd, 2017

A health care system for people, not just for corporate profit
September 21, 2017

America is Number 1 in health care! But before erupting in proud chants of USA! USA! – note that we’re only Number 1 in health care spending. Ouch.

America spends more per person on medical bills than any other advanced nation on the planet – nearly $10,000 a year for each of us. Germany, Canada, Australia, England, Japan, and all other advanced democracies pay only a fraction of that – yet their people get far better care, are healthier, and live longer than our people. That’s because they have public health insurance systems providing comprehensive coverage for everyone, while eliminating the 25-30 percent of every health-care dollar that profiteering insurance corporations waste on overhead, advertising, paperwork, profits, and executive pay.
“The issue isn’t just jobs. Even slaves had jobs. The issue is wages.” –Jim Hightower

Why don’t we Americans have such an efficient and effective system? We do: Medicare! It’s a proven, no-hassle system delivering quality care to each of America’s senior citizens. It works!
But what about children, young people, and the middle-aged – the majority of our people? Glad you asked.
Sen. Bernie Sanders, along with 16 co-sponsors, has just introduced the “Medicare for All” act, extending this successful, commonsense program to everyone.
Sanders’ proposal (like Rep. John Conyers’ bill in the US House) will cut the health care costs paid by typical working families from some $5,300 a year to $844. It’ll also cut out the complexity and stress of getting the care you need – just go to any private doctor you choose, show your public insurance card, and – Bingo – you’re in! No more co-pays, deductibles or fighting with corporate insurance bureaucrats trying to keep you out.
To learn more about Bernie’s Medicare for All plan to create a people’s health care system, go to
“Medicare for All,” Bernie Sanders
“Single-Payer Talking Points & Why Mandate Plans Won’t Work,” Healthcare Now

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All of the talk of immigration reform, deportation and the numerous laws enacted around the USA have overshadowed the makeup of most Americans. Every American except the native Americans are IMMIGRANTS or the product of immigrants. When the talk of deportation of immigrants is raised , ALL of us should pack our bags since we are immigrants or the progeny of immigrants. This talk of immigrants taking jobs or changing America is just that- talk. Talk put forth by folks who hate for the sake of hate and have deep roots in that hate. These are the same people who will not or cannot do the jobs that “illegal or legal immigrants” are supposedly taking. Apparently it is OK for these immigrants to do menial jobs but not skilled jobs that they are trained for. America has the unfortunate distinction of being one of the more Racist countries in spite of the acclaimed “Home of The Free” label touted by many. Racism is the cancer that can (and recently has) create a rift that makes us vulnerable to outside influences. These outside forces have the ability to place our concentration in areas that weaken our perception of the truth. To paraphrase Yoda:” anger leads to hate, hate leads to the dark side” , so where are we on that scale?

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