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Daily Archives: October 4th, 2017

Totus is going to Puerto Rico after a tweet argument with the Mayor of a major Puerto Rican city and after making statement seeming to indicate the population was doing nothing to help themselves and were waiting for assistance. Is it possible that TOTUS really does not understand that what he says matters? This administration appears to be making America Great Again by disparaging all non white Americans (sounds like the civil war era). It is not possible to run the country by “tweet”! While the Commander in Tweet is working? (tweeting) his cabinet is spending taxpayer money in any way they choose. This mindless spending apparently is going unfettered or noticed by our 535 neer do wells. What will it take short of impeachment to get us back on track? In an attempt to keep this real, I try to not comment on everything the TOTUS does but he is so needy that it is difficult. That being said, as voters we need to turn our attention to the upcoming 2018 elections and begin to change Washington by removing long serving legislators. There in no guarantee that we will get anyone better but we have to be willing to change as often as we need to get a better set of folks representing us. We have seen over the past 16 or so years that our Congress has deteriorated into a group of seat fillers with the occasional statesman or stateswoman. We can decry the radicals of Congress however consider that they are ones who are standing up for us no matter what you think your party loyalty is. Your loyalty to a party or political group is greater than the political group or party’s loyalty to you! To get to the title of this piece. T.I.C. went to Puerto Rico after a flurry of tweets disparaging the island and it’s residents, he went there with no shame and disparaged them more by citing how much money it costs to assist them, how much dent they are in and then tossing paper towels into a crowd as if they were souvenir T shirts. This visit was more like a circus parade than a state visit and TOTUS was OK with that since he was the clown in the center ring. All apologies to the Circus industry and the Clowns as they are entertainers and TOTUS is not.

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