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Daily Archives: October 27th, 2017

The seemingly unending sound bites and buzzwords are still overshadowing what is really happening in Government. The “tweet Storm” is hiding the ineptitude of the administration and the steady erosion of protections for all of us. The EPA is being gutted (our water and air quality protectors), the Education system is going down a dangerous path with an administrator whose sole objective appears to be privatization of education, now the tax system is under attack with the ruling party working to “make the tax system fairer”. All of this in the name of “making America great Again”. America has never been “ungreat”, what has occurred is the elected officials who have always been suspect by all of us to some degree have not been “great”.  The rise of TOTUS is clear evidence that our long serving Congress and State officials do not and have not had any interest in serving us (the often cited “American People”). They have been busily serving them selves in one way or another. These folks have assumed the mantle of our “thinkers” regardless of what we actually think and say to them through written or oral communications. This is why we have the current administration. Too many of us are rightfully upset and angry at our legislators from the local to the Federal levels however our method of dealing with them is to not vote (judgement error)because they did not like the candidates, they believed the hype of one candidate or another or just did not take time to read up on the people who are running. Voting is a privilege which should not be taken lightly so why would we accept the opinion of someone else when we vote? Currently the administration’s moves on healthcare and taxes sound great but when enacted will not bring the relief for voters as touted. If you truly believe the hype, at least READ all available data before maintaining any level of trust in our elected Ne’er do wells. We are being assailed by misinformation daily and it is the same tactic Hitler used in WWII Germany to move his agenda forward. The result was WWII and the extermination of 6 plus million Jews and other ethnic sects considered inferior. During that time few Germans were living the high life as shown in the propaganda films made during that time. We are at a period where forces are pushing a separatist agenda in an attempt to get a foothold in Government which will be a blow to our Democracy. What it takes to govern America is knowledgeable voters who will not be taken in by “true sounding” statements that have no basis in fact. Your fellow Americans span the spectrum of Race, Religion and ethnicity and it has been that way since the inception of the Constitution. There is no one solution to good government except knowledgeable voters and it starts with being “WOKE”.

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