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Daily Archives: October 21st, 2017

We are now 10 months into an administration that is moving us into a pre civil war or at least pre WWII condition. The White House is in a state of barely controlled chaos led by a guy possibly sitting on a toilet and looking at a news station that says good things about him. Could this be a syndrome or a medical condition? We all marveled, sympathized or chuckled at stories about Howard Hughes’s last days but we may be living something similar right now. No matter what your politics are or what you believe to be true, the facts are that we are in a critical stage of being on the verge of war within and without our borders. Any of you who are enjoying better medical care are in the crosshairs of the administration’s cuts to programs that support you. Your tax burden will shift and you potentially will lose some tax breaks. If these things are important to you then you need to pay attention to everything the administration does in your name. It is important to note that in Congress whose leadership has been eerily silent on the administration’s actions only a few members on both sides have spoken against these actions. These out spoken members are in danger of challengers who will tout the administration’s actions as good for you, do not be fooled by tricks and  nonsense. Politics is a dirty business and built on lies much like pre WWII Germany , through historic events and writings we know how that ended up. The key to better government is to get involved and sometimes alliance to a specific politic identity is not the way. It is far better to be an independent with leanings toward a belief than a staunch believer in any one of them. Independence allows for exposure to several areas of thought which can and should create a reasoned approach to politics which shifts like the sands of the desert. Keep in mind that politics is a dirty business and not always in keeping with the Constitution’s framers idea of a United States.


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