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Daily Archives: October 28th, 2017

This current political climate is potentially the worst in our modern history. We have politicians who deem to speak for “the American People” and fomenting a divide along Racial lines to help themselves. These are the same people who while suggesting they are working for their constituents are really working for themselves (or their backers). The laundry list of political parties and the subsets is confusing to most people. For clarity: there are two (2) major political parties, Democrats and Republicans ( I call them Scamocrats and Dupublicans). There are subsets of these known as Conservative, progressive and probably some others that are  lesser known. All the voters want to know is what are you doing for us? During campaigns many things are said and often tailored to  the group that is being addressed although many of them are not viable as issues since they cannot be accomplished. What is viable is proper legislation that takes in the good of all of the people not what is good for certain groups. Many have not read the Constitution even though it is a relatively short document, reading this important paper should bring a realization of how it should work. It is a “living” document which means it was designed to change as the country grows and changes. The basic tenets and protections remain the same. It is unfortunate that our politicians have become (for the most part) slaves to their particular party rather than representatives of the people who elected them. It appears to be commonly assumed that the elected officials are smarter than we are , not true but they are adept at giving the impression that they are. What if  your representative came to your home and began looking in your cabinets and helping themselves to your stuff? This would probably give you pause at the very least, so take this thought to the nation’s capital. What exactly are they doing for you, the answers are not on any single news channel or publication. It is the duty of all citizens to expose themselves to as many information sources as  available since  the trustworthiness of our representatives is suspect. Looking at the recent executive orders which can seriously harm the existing healthcare system just to save money (how about saving lives?). Remember that most of if not all of the administration will not be affected by these changes in healthcare. Recently the administration has removed your ability for justice in the financial sector (really looking out for you). All of this to say that whatever you think you know about the current administration and Congress is probably wrong if you do not spend some time looking at several sources for information. Taking in all of the groups claiming “white” privilege aka: nativists, white nationalists, Neo Nazi’s et al, I am still wondering how they could be making “America Great” again when the real Native Americans were robbed of their lands and relegated to a few areas called “Reservations”. These reservations now for the most part have their own sovereignties and for the most part are untouchable but it took many years for the Native Americans to get to that stage at the cost of millions of lives and acres of land area. Who are the real Americans? If you want to know  merely ask a Native American. Essentially we are a in the midst of the same type of nativism that produced the German regime that produced WWII and cost millions of lives. We have an administration that is supporting this movement while looking for glorification and approbation for it.

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