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Noor Al-Sibai
09 Oct 2017 at 21:40 ET

Vice President Mike Pence’s expensive protest at a Colts-49ers game this weekend was a “cheap, cynical” and “sleazy political stunt,” Keith Olbermann said on Monday’s installment of “The Resistance.”
That stunt “disrespected and desecrated the flag of this country,” Olbermann said, inverting the charge Pence, President Donald Trump and their supporters use against NFL protests that take a knee.
“Protest is protest,” he continued. “You are not loyal or patriotic because you stand during an old British drinking song nor because you salute a flag that might have been made in China.”
“Since this dictator-in-training Trump began to urinate on our flag and our constitution, now using the vice president as the proverbial organ-grinder used to use the proverbial monkey, opposition to the National Football League players protesting has become support,” Olbermann said, citing a USA Today survey that found 51 percent approve of the protests over the 42 percent who disapprove.
“But it is not for the majority of this country that these amoral curs Trump and Pence pulled their fetid little stunt,” he concluded. Indeed, by Monday, Pence’s walkout had already been used by Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign as a fundraising scheme.
“The people disrespecting the flag are not the athletes,” he concluded. “The people disrespecting our flag are Donald Trump and Mike Pence and their clan of white supremacists who see their chance to whip up unthinking, blind-saluting white robots into believing the flag is theirs’ and theirs’ alone.”

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