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Is it possible that our current administration is our punishment for being complacent in our voting over the years? After years of misbegotten wars, obstructive legislators and sometimes outright liars in positions of power, We seem to have gotten into a mindset of expecting and welcoming “entertainment” instead of political campaigning. There was a time when political debates had some substance now it seems taking a bullying stance is the norm and thinking it’s just rhetoric is the hope. To para phrase Sara Palin “How’s that working for you?”. The current administration is twisted in knots due to the free wheeling of the cabinet members (many of whom are unsuited for the jobs and seem to have no moral compass). The Whitehouse spokespeople are all rapid-fire talkers who ignore facts and push “alternate ones” as a deflective tactic. The political base of both major parties have been left in limbo due to unclear messages from the party leaders. This leads us to a point of asking: “What’s going on?”  What is going on is we as voters have dropped the ball in that we have allowed ourselves to be lulled into a sense of urgency about everything inside our local spheres and ignoring the larger view that affects us ALL!. There is in reality no them or us, it is “WE THE PEOPLE” and what effects one effects all even though you can’t see or realize it in immediate terms. Solution: question ALL elected officials until you are satisfied. If we do not ask we are destined to have the same poor representation as have now.

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