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Recent revelations about indictments on several Russians in the 2016 elections interference have put the White House in high spirits however they are as delusional as ever. This new information has made these inept white house residents think they are in the clear but the truth is that this is just one part of the investigation. As the inquiry continues it will become clear that these bunglers (the White House) had more to do with this than we suspect and have knowledge of. TOTUS et al. are currently pushing the lies as usual with the reckless abandon they have shown since the beginning of the campaign in 2015. The day of reckoning will fall hard on them beginning with this years mid terms and beyond. It is well to remember we may still have issues with a replacement at 1600 as the second in command is no better and possibly worse as he is just as fringy as his boss but in some just as bad ways (for us). Taking a look a look at one of the major pushes of this administration on DACA and changes in immigration, you should realize that this about money to finance the ill-advised tax Reform. It is amazing that  too many of us fail to see the underlying and future effects of these actions. Many changes in laws and or the enacting of new ones appear to take funds from other existing sources, this swapping of funding ultimately hurts primarily the middle and lower income citizens. Unfortunately we won’t see the slap until it hits.

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