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During the last 15 to 20 years we have had several types of President (regardless of party ). Each one has advisors good and bad who sometimes pushed agendas that at once followed the President’s agenda while simultaneously coloring that agenda with their own hues. These deviations from the main agenda has many times cause great harm and sometimes great good. The point is that we as voters need to be well versed in the issues of the world that can cause harm to us personally. We have always relied on the people we elect to look after our interests but recent political history should make us realize that there is very little will to look after our interests by our elected. The many labels that are flouted as being the one to adhere to because it will get us what we want is patently false. There is not one or any combination of labeled factions that will get us what we need or want. The truth ( which we cannot or will not get from elected officials) is the world is at our feet and without our European, Southeast Asian, Canadian and Southern American  neighbors we will be in trouble. These other regions have many of the same issues as we have and the same less than stellar leaders or even worse. It is unfortunate that part of being a politician is to be  prolific and persuasive in moving around the facts of many if not all issues. Our sole job as citizens is to pursue our own truths not by following the rallying cries of TV and radio personalities whose sole interest is providing listeners and viewers for their sponsors. The content of their shows often have no basis in fact but are steeped in the institutionalized biases that keep us separated as multiracial and multi ethnic people. This has been the electoral train for many years and we need to stop the train and get off. The way to do this is education. Education is simply reading several publications on line or in print, listening to several broadcasts. There will always be opposite views but these views should make you think and seek the truth of these views in other places. There are several fact checking sites and available for free, I would advise everyone to spend some time in looking for them. I could list them but it is possible that not enough people will put the minimal time into looking at them. I feel that not listing them will encourage the braver ones of you reading this will seek these sites out and become more enlightened on items you currently believe and see the fault in some things you thought were true. We are at this point victims of a chaotic administration using unfounded information as a basis for decisions. We currently have biggest con game since Charles Ponzi and Bernie Madoff going on right now! The overly effusive signing of “rollbacks” and executive orders that appear to deregulate but in reality harm us all whether you see immediate effects or not. Our Resident is still in campaign mode rather than Governing (or learning to govern). Essentially he has hired people who will do what they want with his blessing some of the time and will unashamedly bash them when he is not in agreement. We are in a time of much greater peril than we were at the onset of WWII. Our economy at this time is going well but n a very rickety set of rails. The only thing we can do is to keep pushing aside the political wool away from our eyes and understand that this administration is in it for themselves not the people who elected them. This is an unprecedented  time in America but possibly needed to wake us up and illuminate the true nature of our long serving politicians. The upcoming elections are the first step in reinventing our political system by electing different people and continue to replace when required until anyone who runs for office understands that we the people want and demand good government. We are the controllers of term limits.

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