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Everyone has an opinion about something and everything. Agreement is just one or more having the same opinion or belief about a subject, person or situation. This act of agreeing while the basis of a group activity is not what we need in Judgeships from the Local level to the High Court. Our Federal Judiciary has many vacancies that require filling and our Neer do well Congress has done nothing to help that situation. There have been several times when a radical member of Congress has captured the national attention with an abnormal, even outrageous agenda which eventually proved to false and dangerous. Now it appears we have an administration that is even more dangerous and radical lead by a self promoting entertainer. Our erstwhile Congress has stood by and let it happen while blowing the proverbial smoke at the voting public. It has become the norm to defame or slur an opponent  no matter what the truth is. Are the people running for office who uses these tactics who we want to represent us?  The world is larger than just the U.S. and has been negotiable with discussions rather than arguments, now it appears that the in charge party is reverting to a stand alone vision in a global world. Currently the Right leaning Supreme court majority has and will eliminate the very reason for the high court and that is to serve ALL Americans. However our neer do well Congressional majority has seen fit to pack the courts with less than moderate judges who put their personal feelings above the overall rights of ALL Americans. Judges should and are supposed to operate on the basis of what is the rule of law for all not any party line. The current court being majority Dupublican and conservative has set a path of bias for years to come. Thank you Mr. McConnell.


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