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What if the press stopped covering the White House? The response would be that the fake press won’t cover them or maybe not? The object of TOTUS’s tweets is to gain attention without attention and adoration this individual would be nothing more than a failed business executive with a line of toady’s at his beck and call. Looking at his entire life, the methodology has been to say or do something outrageous to get noticed then counter with more nonsense to fan the flames. This is the same method that he is using in this administration. His current toady’s actions have long range and potentially dire consequences for us all. We have yet to see the great things from the “Tax Reform”, the rolling back of clean air standards and the highly touted tariffs. Meanwhile the beginnings of the ill effects are creeping into the economy starting with the smaller companies (steel users) and farmers (food producers). I have seen and heard so many of these fast talking sycophants that it is hard to understand how even basic administrative work get done. It seems the only qualification to work in this administration is the ability to lie with impunity and with a straight face. Just sayin’ giving more than cursory attention to this administration is a mistake since what they put out is much like what is left in the litter box.


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