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No matter where you live and what you believe, the purpose of our current administration’s actions are clear. Those actions do not include the well-being of 99% of Americans and by extension our long time allies. The Right from mid center to far right has one goal at any cost and  that is to get what they want with no regard to the overall effect on the rest of us. The far Left is not much better but is inherently more humane. The outsized staging of hand selected  rallies is indicative of the farce that this administration presents to us on a daily basis. Our neer do well Congress is populated by self serving members who have their hands in the DEEP pockets of  Conservative business moguls not to be confused with conservative Christians and other conservatives. These factions each have an agenda that does not and will not serve the majority of us. The Business folks are looking at changing laws that enhance their bottom line, the Christians are looking to change laws that alter our personal lives according to their religious beliefs. These 2 factions are the leading pushers of  “Conservative” high court justices. This type of court packing is why there are no limits on campaign spending which results in billions being spent on elections. The dividing of voters by party and sub sects is why we have such poor Governance as we are not getting the best available representation. Even a dirty glass pane is still transparent and we need to see through the dirt of irrational and disingenuous rhetoric to replace the poor representatives that we currently have. Remember there’s talk and there’s talk with the truth somewhere in between. Peer through the glass and its soiled coat to see it. It is still our choice.


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