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There is no need to name anyone but to make a point, isn’t it time all of us including so called hard core Trump supporters understands that we have a nation breaking Titular head? Along with the 535 neer do wells called Congress we are in the grip of possibly the worst administration in many years. What is happening now is not making nor will it make America great again especially before DJT America was great and will be again once he and many of the Current members of Congress are gone. This mid term election season is the beginning of change. Anyone who believes what this administration is doing is OK is either delusional or just ignorant of the facts. It will take new people fix this. Our education system, the EPA to name a couple are being run by radical people who have no ability to do what is correct because they haven’t had conversations with any affected citizens. If any of you plan to vote for the administration’s current cronies then you should probably go back and read the German history in the 30’s before II. We are being played by similar people with similar ambitions and that is to control OUR government (our means the government of the American people).


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