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Daily Archives: October 16th, 2018

Hillary Clinton called  some of Trump’s supporters a “Basket of Deplorables” during the 2016 campaign.  She was wrong, the deplorables were and are the cadre of people in Trumps inner and inner, inner circle of the White house and by extension his cabinet secretaries. It has been shown that the Administration as described by TOTUS as the “best people” are really not the best as indicated by the revolving door that highlights this administration. This administration has shown by its actions that it will take someone else to make “America Great Again” as the current governors have neither the will or the way to maintain what was already in place. The next administration will spend the first year in correction mode to repair the damage done by this one and the neer do well Congress. Our responsibility as voters is to elect the best people and that means turning out the old guard who have held sway for too long. The 2 leaders in Congress along with their “gangs” have usurped the power of the people with an unending stream of lies, half truths and not so subtle innuendos on truth. It takes courage to vote against what you have thought was correct for so long but consider the source of that information (which has long been suspect). If you have been paying attention you will understand that  division was and is used to achieve the goals of an incompetent leader whose actions are solely for his personal benefit and ego. The track record of TOTUS is to lie and lie again with assured calm as pathological liars do. This nation cannot survive under an administration that cannot utter the truth and the truth is out there for all of us to see no matter what misinformation comes from D.C.


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