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Daily Archives: October 20th, 2018

The ascension of Donald J. trump for all of its badness and confusion has shown us how poorly our Congress has been and still is representing us. This Congress under Ryan and McConnell as attempted to undo the ACA and has successfully passed a tax reform that benefits the top earners with no “trickle down”. DJT’s administration has given us a cabinet full of deplorables who are unraveling EPA regulations (clean air, clean water), allowing National park boundaries to be moved to allow mineral and oil exploration which has the potential to pollute those areas. Couple this with the actions of Housing and Education secretaries who both are as myopic as Mr. Magoo as to what their departments functions are. It took TOTUS’ madness and ineptitude to show us the long semi closeted evils of long serving Government officials elected and appointed. We have one (1) simple duty and that is to do a better job of electing better public servants. We need to  ignore party line messages and consider changing the practice of allowing multiple terms for the Congress as well as State and local elected officials. Voting by rote is why we have such poor representation. WE should use this “Trump” experience to insure we get better people elected and replace as many of the current seat fillers as we can and be ready to do it again if the new ones do not do the job we need them to do. Adhering to one party or another is a mistake and we have been the worse for it. Keep in mind that the “tax reform” was destined to be paid for by cutting Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, so called “entitlements”. Than you DJT for  allowing the Congress et al to be uncovered.


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