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The party in power has advanced another neer do well to a high profile position in government. It is pretty clear that the Dupublicans have done all that they can to maintain power at whatever cost. Our CIC, Senate and House leaders are too busy staying in office to do the job of representing  ALL Americans (you know-the people they so readily invoke when they tell us what THEY want). What I fail to understand is why there appears to be such strong support for people whose amoral (immoral?) character is evident by so many  who profess to be religious. In other countries  religion seems to overshadow the government, is it possible that the “conservative Evangelicals” are doing the same via voting for imperfect candidates who happen to support specific items of their agenda? We as voters have to  forget what the main poLItical* parties say and look at what they do as the two are often different. We have a group of 535 cowards who we elected to do what’s best for US not themselves. The positions  of Congressional representatives have  been about power for years now while coincidentally governing and except in rare cases that has always been “OK” for most of us. The big issue is the tacit approval by us because we seemingly do not care enough to read what they are doing but we listen to pundits, talking heads and utterances from outside sources who are armed by our representatives with what they want us to hear. The idea of “only the best people” will be chosen to serve in the administration has become a code word for people who will kow tow to TOTUS while following their own agenda which does not and has not do anything for the often cited “American People”. This administration is all about rolling back any and all previous administration actions that benefit “ALL Americans” not just a select few. Look at EPA, Education, Housing actions which affect the all Americans from the poorest to the middle class and often beyond. Think about the potential  changes to our way of living via Supreme Court decisions and decide if we are going in a good direction. We will certainly hit a low before we get to a “normalcy”.

*LI is capitalized reflecting the basis of many political speeches these days


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