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In case you didn’t notice the “Lyin’ President is stumping for several Lyin’ politicians. Where or when will the Lyin’ end. Save a few we have no honest politicians! Apparently it’s considered “OK” to lie to constituents rather than do an honest “days’ work. This seems to be normal now. There was a time when honesty was a virtue rather than anomaly it seems to be presently. Many of the mainstream (well known) politicians are just flat our liars! If you are a constituent who agrees with  or likes the representative then the lies are ok with you (apparently) so you cast your vote for them much like bread on the water, hoping for something better which never comes if the truth is told. When an elected official has to resort to lies to gain how can one trust their actions once in office. It is well to remember that dual personalities occur only in people who have a psychological disorder termed Schizophrenia or more commonly split-personality. It follows that if a person lies to get elected, that behavior will continue once they have taken the seat. Be cautious of the entertainment value of lies and insults as this is a clear indicator of poor performance for constituents and the whole country.


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