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Across the country the GOP has been stridently back pedaling on their efforts to kill the ACA by flat out lying about their support for the Previous conditions portion. If you look at the debates every GOP candidate will emphatically deny their support on the repeal while asserting that they are for the existing conditions which exists solely in the ACA. They are touting a bill that will (they say) include pre existing conditions but the other stuff as shown in this politico article: This is a long read but educational and worth the time. The ACA is not Perfect!- I repeat “the ACA is not perfect!”. Since Congress refused to take this on in a bipartisan manner the ACA was never fully realized. The GOP is doing what consummate liars always do and that is deflect the truth while throwing the issue back as an issue of the opposition. It is indefensible for the GOP or Trump’s base ignore facts and take on the “pseudo facts”  as truth while the Party continues to burden ALL of us with their self serving activities. The Tax Reform has given us a Trillion dollar deficit which they will if we let them take it from so called “entitlements” (their words) like Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security (the retirement that most of us have worked for over 40 to 50 years and are “entitled to”). It is important that we all understand that no party, right left or center is perfect but when anyone of them does damage to the voters then we need to replace them!


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