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The loud and non factual utterances of this administration is beginning to be more like a rant from a know nothing leader. Billions for a great wall that Mexico was supposed to pay for was shot down as a budget item. The offer from Congress was money for more security not a wall that may not even cost 5 billion. Given that TOTUS is prone to “exaggeration” aka lies when will we reach the tipping point where his tweets are more entertainment than taken as fact? Taking troops out of Syria via tweet without consulting with allies and our military is another attempt to deliver on a campaign promise. This Resident has spent a ton of capital and trust in attempting to fulfill campaign promises that were unattainable even with full agreement from Congress and allies. TOTUS is gearing up for the 2020 election year which will see him out of office in spite of the stream of lies that will surely lead up to that election. TOTUS is looking for a big win to try to stay in office but many of his Congressional allies will no longer be around and will not jump into the boat with him. With the Mueller investigation moving closer to him and his family TOTUS is looking for any win that he believes will keep his base intact however the base is thinning due to activities which have created more economic hardships than they expected, according to  promises he has made. TOTUS’s track record as the Titular head of a major nation will possibly be recorded as one the worst in American history if observed through sensible eyes, this all follows his track record as a business man who operated in the same win at all costs way.


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