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Daily Archives: February 13th, 2019

The change brought about by the Election of #45 is at once a wake up call and a disaster. The wake up: we now see that so many of our long serving members of Congress are not (and notably never have been) for the people they are supposed to represent. The stream of lies to get elected have been elevated to an art form by TOTUS and his minions. The long serving members of Congress have been no better yet they have been kept in office year after year. Some have called for term limits, to explain term limits are more the duty of the voters since I cannot conceive of a member of Congress willingly setting a term limit on an essentially part-time job with generous perks paid for by voters. Of course there are some members who do the work and unfortunately unless their party is in power get little done.

The disaster : TOTUS has through executive action stoppedĀ  the passage and overturned laws that will have long-range effects on ALL of us and Congress has allowed it. TOTUS has made lying an art form and uses the art form with aplomb along with his Whitehouse talking heads. Using the same tactics that Dictators have used for Centuries (more Recent Hitler, Mussolini and Franco) which is to tell the lies constantly until people accept and believe them. Along with this methodology is the indoctrination of voters who believe the lies and attack others who are perceived to be against TOTUS even if his misdeeds adversely affect them. The effects of the ill managed administration will linger for quite some time while the damage to our country and its effect on our long time allies will at some point abate, it will take some smart voting sense to get better people in government beginning with Congress.

Finally: If we are to move forward we need to forget race, ethnicity and color as guidelines to accepting the fact that America is and always will be a conglomerate of ALL the countries in the world which makes us everyone no matter what color we happen to be.


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