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Daily Archives: February 26th, 2019

While looking at the news of the day, I was struck by he alternative facts, strained truths and out right lies issued by this administration to justify stealing funds from the Military for an unnecessary wall! It is remarkable that many (even though few) believe that the immigrants seeking asylum are “rapists, murderers and drug runners”. It is a fact that no matter what is spewed from the lie mill facts are always facts and must be seen as such. Any reasonable person can determine what is true and what is not but as humans are want to do, the biases we carry color our understanding of information issued by the current administration. Where we are now is a valley filled with trash disguised as facts thrown out by this administration and repeated daily in the mode of Dictators who usurped authority and brought their countries to the brink of ruin and beyond. TOTUS is a failed businessman who through the freedom of speech we all enjoy has subverted Government functions and is abetted by a milquetoast Congress. Any rational person regardless of what party or label they follow can see that the changes required are in the Congress. The existing titular head of our country is no more than a bully with no moral compass and less integrity.


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