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Daily Archives: February 24th, 2019

Politics has never been a “clean” activity. Since Roman times and probably before, there has always been the name callers and detractors. The purpose is to garner support for one candidate or another by persuading the voting public with rhetoric for or against. In tune with the times each generation has used the language of the day to put their message out. Through all of these years of politicking the language and assertions have increasingly become worse. Currently the access to mass media spreads good and bad messages quickly. This allows truth, lies and innuendo to reach the public before it can be refuted or proven. The past 6 to 10 years have allowed the rise of far right, far left and the seamy in between groups to surface with their vile messages which offer “coded” messages to scare voters into one camp or another and often with just a phrase that resonates but often has no facts to back them. “Make America Great Again” offers a pie in the sky message that resonates with people who are unhappy with Government but blame some one else who the “coders” offer up as the reason for their problems. One issue that doesn’t seem to come up is that voters are the reason for poor government by voting for the same people over and over because they use the same “buzz words” to agitate andĀ  excite the voters. Currently we have (in my opinion) the worst legislators in place who willingly aid and abet a leader who seeks adoration by any means necessary while allowing the use of Federal positionsĀ  by family and friends to fill their pockets now and after their terms.


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