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Daily Archives: February 21st, 2019

Apparently there are no honest or semi honest politicians. The esteemed(?) leader of the Senate is allowing a miscreant occupant of the White House to trample on the constitution because?. It seems that Kentucky is gaining a benefit from his spouse being Transportation secretary. People involved in politics have always been suspect but now in this century those suspicions have become overt and all too commonplace. Those overt activities have brought us Donald J. Trump whose activities throughout his life have been one small step away from  criminal. This small step is now part of his actions in the Oval office. He is aided and abetted by a crew of miscreants commonly called  cabinet secretaries and assistants. The basis of this administration is dubious executive orders and several manufactured crises  which allows TOTUS to then address the issue or rather quietly back down and calling it a “deal” he made that saved the situation. There is no path as far as I can see that would enable us to trust this President and the sitting Congress. It will take a full term of the next CIC and a changed Congress to undo the problems created by this administration.


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