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Anything said about this administration is merely a recap that will continue seemingly to the end of this Presidency. In spite  or because of the steady stream of lies, missteps and poor leadership the voters of America are suffering. All of the twittered pronouncements and semi leadership have done nothing but excite and exacerbate our allies and enemies. The Michael Cohen hearing served to show that the Majority party in the Senate and the members of that party in the House  have shown that they would rather be loyal to a flawed  and dangerous leader rather than serve the people who elected them. Many “Conservatives” who espoused TOTUS’s agenda while praying on Sunday have to face the music for their loyalty to a false Savior once all of the acts are out. As voters we need to put biases aside for the sake of better government, if you can’t do that then your own well being may be at stake. Remember that Faux News, Rush, Sean, Jesse  and other opinionators are  not looking out for you, their main job is to put out misinformation to push you towards the “dark” side. Avoid the trap of ” excitement news and views” by remembering that the truth is always the truth while lies fall by the wayside.


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