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Politicization has become the rule rather than an exception. That allows for the extremist on all sides to become quasi spokespeople for some of the population. Easily available mass media that we carry on our persons daily allows for the constant monitoring of the daily diatribes and rants that serve to color our opinions in almost real time. With this being said perhaps we all need to assume a middle line on all politics and avoid the trap of right or left and take a center stance in order to view both sides for what they are-influencers! What we believe is what we believe but it is shaded by our adoption of specific political ideas. It must be remembered that each political party and its subset have one goal and that is to win elections at any cost. That cost usually affects the least of us who comprise most of the voting public. If you believe the party you associate yourself with is truly on your side then perhaps I can sell you some property at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. There are no political entities who are 100% for you and perhaps never will be yet we continue to elect the same people time after time proving that doing the same activities again and again and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. Are we insane?


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