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It has become apparent to me that the combination of a neer do well Congress and a miscreant laden administration has produced poor to no legislation that benefits the people who put them in office. The 2-year long attempt to gut or repeal the Affordable Care Act  (ACA) has failed and the act is doing good for most Americans, coupled with the “Tax Reform” that benefitted the people who needed it the least to name a couple. We have a self-serving titular head of the nation who has no self-realized direction or seemingly no will or ability to learn the job but “tweets” his way on a daily basis while expounding on issues that should not concern him at all. He has manufactured crises at the border to get a campaign promise accomplished when the real issue as a global player is to address the issues in those countries where the migrants are coming from. He has voiced an opinion on issues that have been in ongoing international talks for years and he knows nothing about. His methodology in business is to get investors for his projects with hyperbole and superlatives with no substantive details (in other words winging it!). It is unfortunate that our neer-do-well seat fillers (sometimes called Congress) have neither the will or ability to control him while telling their constituents that they are working for them. Our entertainment should not be derived from the supposedly “serious” administrators and legislators we elected. This “Resident” has continued on the campaign trail even after winning the office and leaving the real work to the assorted appointees whose agendas are personal and not broadly for the American voters. We essentially have a clown car with flat tires as a Government.


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