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1. Local Springfield Mayoral candidate Edwards in an interview mentioned that Illinois (Springfield) utility prices are too high for Business never mentioned that it was too high for residents-so residents can better afford high utility prices? Another smooth talker?

2. For years Companies and stores shut down for a day of stock-taking (inventory) in the past 20 plus years someone determined (erroneously I believe) that a certain dollar amount was lost in shutting down for a day to do this important accounting task. I have yet to see any figures that would offset the lost business income compared to the loss of productivity when attempting to service customers while in the process of stocktaking usually with aid of an Inventory counting service. Keep in mind that employees need to be on hand to assist the counters and reconcile errors in counting while attempting service the customers coming in a store or calling (depending on the business). At the end of this exercise, there are still days to weeks of tabulation and rechecking on the supposedly vital activity. The question is: whose bright idea was this?

3. What will be uncovered when the scab of the Trump administration is pulled back?

4. The two (2) middle letters of Politician and politics are “LI”, pronounced “lie”

5. Discover what your representative is about before you vote for the (again).


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