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The calls for SHS to be fired are just talk as a consummate liar will not fire another consummate liar especially when that liar covers his butt and forwards his lies with impunity. We have known that any spokespeople for the current administration are not reliable except for the fact that they will lie for and with TOTUS.MA

Lauren Tyler
April 19, 2019
Sarah Huckabee Sanders was on Hannity Thursday night after the Mueller report revealed that Sanders lied about the FBI’s reaction to the James Comey firing. During the interview, she admitted to Sean Hannity that she wasn’t fully truthful in her press conference after Comey was fired.
“Look, I acknowledged that I had a slip of the tongue when I used the word ‘countless,’ but it’s not untrue.”
Sanders formerly stated that “countless” FBI executives were thankful Trump fired Comey. On May 10, 2017, the day after Comey was fired, Sanders told reporters, “I think most of America had decided on their own that Director Comey was not the person that should be leading the FBI, as evidenced by the numerous comments that we’ve seen from Democrat members in the House and Senate, Republican members, members of the FBI, and people across the board.”
However, in a redacted report presented by Attorney General William Barr to Congress and the public Thursday morning, it was revealed that Sanders admitted that her statements regarding FBI reaction to Comey’s firing were not true.
“Sanders told this Office [of the special counsel] that her reference to hearing from ‘countless members of the FBI’ was a ‘slip of the tongue.’
It was also revealed that her statements that FBI agents had “lost confidence” in Comey were made in “the heat of the moment” and “not founded on anything.”
On Hannity, Sanders maintained that Comey should have been fired.
“James Comey was a disgraced leaker who tried to politicize and undermine the agency he was supposed to run,” she explained.
Twitter has exploded with reactions from journalists calling for Sanders to be fired.


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