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The amount of plastic in the air and in the oceans has been an issue for years and now has become worse since the detection of airborne microparticles, the massing of plastic waste on beaches and its effect on wildlife. The recycling of plastics has been touted for a while but no big progress has been seen. One possible reason is the different melting temperatures of various plastics and the assorted chemical treatments needed to get a useable product. There is an extensive list that covers the many types and their use and recyclability and it is dull reading. What would be required to do an effective job of recycling is the separation of the different types and the proper processing of those assortments. Why are we not doing that? There seems to be a number of opinions but no collective ideas nor the will to do so due to cost and return on investment. So the bottom line is there is not enough money in it to do it but it is ok that cleanup costs millions (or perhaps billions) without counting the loss of wildlife which also affects the environment in general. The link from National Geographic below gives an extensive look at plastic’s effects on our environment


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