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Totus has shown us how nasty and divisive our politics has become. Many of us have always thought our politicians lie to us at some point and sometimes always. There has always been a basic mistrust since many of the everyday political workings are done in closed chambers which promotes an air of mistrust. As voters, we have to up our political game by paying more attention to who we elect and learn to dismiss potentially suspect statements from candidates new and incumbent. The hardest thing we have to do is to spend some time researching each one regardless of the party they belong to. It must be remembered that the party line is not necessarily in OUR best interests or the country’s. It has long been observed that candidates will and do say what is required to get elected but take another route once in office. The onus is and always has been on the voter. This is why all of us need to take a broad look at all candidates no matter what party they belong to and evaluate their words and actions ( previous and current) before jumping on a liner that could become a sinking ship. The real changes are not due to different people being in office but due to voters being educated on the candidates regardless of party.


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