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The current administration is rife with feckless and incompetent members who at the behest of self-serving leader which has brought American prestige and power to a new low. TOTUS has regularly created problems, then solved them (poorly) in the idea that the administration is doing a better job than his predecessors. It is unfortunate that many of TOTUS’s followers have single visions on what he has accomplished when that vision is one they share with no regard to the effect on the country as a whole. This is with all due respect “WWII era thinking” when we were at war after being attacked. The “Make America Great Again” slogan is just that, a slogan. America will recover from this administration but will his followers do the same and take a wider (better)  view of where we are and our place in the world. Our long-time foes have ascended under this administration while our productivity has decreased under tariffs that do nothing to help our producers and caused prices to rise on imported goods (and for no good reason). All the actions of this administration’s actions are for the glory of TOTUS and so-called “deal making” abilities. If the lies and missteps of this administration were bricks, there would be enough to build the unnecessary “wall” on the Southern border. If we could solve problems as TOTUS attempts to do, we could simply roll back what was done or said but since that tactic does not work we will just have to vote new people in and take actions to punish the outgoing criminals.


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