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Daily Archives: November 11th, 2019

There apparently is no joy in Mudville as rationality has struck out! Under the uncomprehending eye of TOTUS, the administration is more floundering than administering. The members of the current administration have and are following blindly through fear and ignorance while fiercely defending the indefensible. We have a leader who has little to no knowledge of the real workings of government and the wider world. We have put our allies and troops in  danger with ill-advised and unadvised decisions. meanwhile the GOP has blindly followed TOTUS to his and their possible failure (and ultimately ours- the voters). This is not the reality show that: TOTUS has been involved in, this the future of the United States and it’s alliances in the greater world. The current events should be the clear indication that the GOP and TOTUS have no  concept (or care to have) of the harm being done to the voters in the name of party. This is not to exonerate the Scamocrats, there is enough blame to go around yet this is the state of modern politics which has no regard for the voters just for the major parties.


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COMEDY 11/11/2019 05:09 am ET
Monty Python Icon John Cleese Has Brutal Assessment Of Trump’s Fox News Fans
“I don’t know what you say to people like that.”

By Ed Mazza
Comedy legend John Cleese said there may be no point in trying to argue with Fox News viewers who support President Donald Trump.
″[T]he people who support him are basically so ignorant because they only ever get news from Fox News,” the Monty Python alum told The Daily Beast. “I don’t know what you say to people like that.”

He added:
“To me, it’s like people who go and watch professional wrestling and don’t realize that it’s fixed. If they can’t see it when it’s right under their nose, I have no idea how they’re going to realize how wrong they are.”
Cleese also called Trump “an extraordinary caricature of an asshole.”
“Every time he makes a decision, no matter how impulsive it is, it’s the one that makes him feel best about himself for the next 20 minutes,” he said.
Fellow Python alum Eric Idle delivered a similarly blunt assessment of the president.
“He’s stark raving mad. Absolutely mental,” Idle told The Daily Beast. “He’s a criminal and a con artist and a mob boss.”
Read the full interview about their time in the comedy troupe as well as what they’re up to now, here.
Both Cleese and Idle are active on Twitter and often have choice words for Trump. This weekend, Cleese mockingly claimed to have become a Republican, but with a twist:

John Cleese
✔ @JohnCleese

” A Warning “, written by a senior official in the Trump Administration, paints a picture of the President as cruel, inept, and a danger to his country

As a newly converted Banana Republican, I’d like to point out there’s nothing new here

11:54 AM – Nov 10, 2019
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John Cleese
✔ @JohnCleese

Now That I’ve become a Banana Republican, I’m reading websites like ‘Patriot Brief’, ‘Conservative Brief’ and ‘Attention Span Brief’

They carry advertisements, many of them for Erectile Dysfunction

Could this be a result of anxiety that someone might take their guns away?

12:08 PM – Nov 10, 2019
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John Cleese
✔ @JohnCleese

Good joke!

But the only time I see ER ads is when I am sent ‘stuff’ from Conservative websites

Of course, these Conservative ads are not all about ER by any means.

There are plenty of ads about losing belly-fat, get-rich-quick schemes and tinnitus

DookgoesQuark @DookgoesQuark
Replying to @JohnCleese
Don’t adverts usually follow your internet search history Mr Cleese?
1:30 PM – Nov 10, 2019
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John Cleese
✔ @JohnCleese

As a Banana Republican, I am proud that although we are losing better educated voters in VA and PA, we are gaining among the less well-educated, white, rural voters

1:34 PM – Nov 10, 2019
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