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Daily Archives: November 8th, 2019

Illinois Has Had:

3 Presidents who were honest

several Governors who went to jail

1 city with a high crime rate (above the National average or near it)

1 city that is literally underwater

Huge pension problems due to poor management and deals with and by the legislators.


Now we have Congressman Rodney Davis: Apparently, Congressman Davis works for the President and the party, not the people in Illinois who elected him. I have always thought or hoped that the people elected by the people actually work for the people. Mr. Davis as he has done all along takes the side of the party and the White House resident. This recent statement regarding the impeachment hearings points out the reluctance of the elected officials to just do their jobs regardless of party. This issue is too important for politics and we ( the voters) need to hold all of them no matter the party to a higher standard of responsibility. We as a country are in the grip of an unqualified leader seeking only to raise his personage above the country. This all will be born out in these hearings. The sheer amount of resistance to Congressional subpoenas speaks volumes. If there was no wrongdoing then appearing before a panel, to tell the Truth, should not be a problem. I hope Mr. Davis (the peoples representative) will opt for the good of the people, not the party.


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