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Daily Archives: November 21st, 2019

The Result of politicians being beholding to the Party rather than the voters is the current proceedings of impeachment. TOTUS was never the best candidate for President yet rather than accepting and training him in Presidential duties, they have allowed he and his miscreants to run roughshod over the Constitution. Meanwhile, they are busily doing their own “shadow” work using the ill-placed President as a cover. It is not inconceivable that this effort towards better government will end up on the cutting floor as it were, while the execution of poor governance practices continues. It is well that a Leader is popular but not popular as a source of entertainment. The office of President is a serious job requiring serious execution yet we have our current situation of “tweet diplomacy” which is aided and abetted by 535 plus seat fillers. While TOTUSĀ  entertains, the country suffers as the Congress, for the most part, continues to hold or push legislation that benefits their big-dollar donors not the voters who elected them to office. This is simply a band of pirates hiding in plain sight under the banner of patriotism. All for the good of the party and not the voters.


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