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Ok, let’s get down to the real problems.

  1. Any legislator no matter  the party who is pursuing legislation that does not benefit ALL Americans does not deserve to be a representative.
  2.  Any legislator who backs Presidential actions that go against the Constitution and the interest of American voters should be ousted at the ballot box.
  3. Any legislator who is complicit in selecting judges for lifetime positions because of their favorable politics needs to be removed.
  4. It is well to remember that Congress and the members of the administration have not missed a paycheck or lost health care coverage.
  5. We as voters had better get on “better Government “train by becoming informed instead of being entertained into voting for neer do well seat fillers and aspiring do nothings who have a smooth line filled with vacuous statements.                                 If we are not looking at our current Government leaders with a wary eye the we are failing ourselves. There is only one United States and if we as voters do not unite, we will continue to have the poor representation we are experiencing now! As a country we once were (2016) looked upon as a world leader in most areas, now we are the world leader in Covid19 cases and deaths due to it. Our once growing economy is tanking and all due to our lack of attention to who we have elected. Remember longevity in a job does not always translate in the job being done well or properly. Finally it time to call” B.S.!”


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