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 It is in our best interest to pay heed to the  title line of this post.

After the Civil War (War between The States) Jim Crow emerged subverting the freedoms of Black Americans. This continues to some degree now.

After Barack Obama, Donald J Trump (or is it Donald J Crow?) emerges and the underlying Racism is fueled by a self serving, failed business man with a cadre of inept minions, abetted by long serving members of Congress. It is a ” in your face truth” that we have a failing economy and a pandemic that is largely uncontrolled all caused by a disingenuous leader with no empathy for anyone other than his mirror image. The only and real power for change is in the hands of the voters (ALL VOTERS!). WE have the power to change the members of Congress for the better and we first need to ignore the politispeak that abounds and look at the facts of their actions. For instance ,in Illinois we have a GOP member who speaks with a forked tongue on a daily basis yet he shows up smiling much like the literary Cheshire cat and is just as fleeting. The TV ads show only what makes him look caring but the reality is that he voted for Cavanaugh, swore to be honest in the impeachment hearing and has essentially abrogated his duty as a representative of the people. This just one representative, imagine what the others are doing (in our names without our consent).

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