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I have been wondering why the US Congress (the people we elected to represent us) are COLA recipients while we the people who exist on Social security and Medicaid, SSI or some other Government retirement receive little to no increases? The reality is that no matter what the electeds tell us, they take care of themselves and lie to us. Our Taxes pay their salaries (which are too high) and thereby pay for their healthcare and retirement. I have heard folks say there should be term limits, in theory that is fine however we cannot expect these folks to limit themselves to a 2 or 4 years term and stop. We the people are the term limits and we do that by voting for or against. This election season is the opportunity to make adjustments. Another 4 years of TOTUS and his miscreants will prove to be more deadly than it is right now. Remember he is being abetted by the same neer do well Congress we have kept in office for too long. This requires informed voting based on several issues not just your favorite.


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