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The current hearings on the nomination of a new member of the high court has taken over the real issue, the 2020 vote, the 2020 census and foremost the 2020 “Trump” virus which is a pandemic. Not being an elected official or politician, I just wonder why these seasoned people are spending time on a settled matter rather than getting out the vote. The Dupublicans have already stated their case and we know that this hearing for the high court is just a formality. The bigger issue is the vote to elect new people to govern. Once that is done then the issue of justices and the Census can be addressed. This administration has diddled this country to the point of collapse with aid of a corrupt Congress. If the Scamocrats were anywhere close to smart, the way forward is the vote. Ignore the distractions of the administration, the vote is the way forward. Once there is new leadership, the following important issues need to be addressed:

  1. Pandemic-testing, contact tracing and vaccine
  2. Get economic relief out to the people
  3. Complete the Census or extend it to get a accurate count
  4. Address the immigration issue.

This is simplistic yet more effective than what is happening now. To continue a done deal while letting important issues falter is ludicrous and potentially a failing action. It must be remembered the country is in the hands of a failed businessman with no skills beyond lies and misrepresentation. This with the assistance of a self serving Congress and a cabal of aides masquerading as public servants.


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