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Dear Donald (TOTUS),

As a voter I am wondering why you have squandered the greatest opportunity given to anyone. The United States has long been held up as a beacon of hope and opportunity in the wider world. You had the opportunity to gift yourself a greater and real reputation as the person you purported to be all of your life.

You gained the office as a drainer of the swamp in Washington and just as quickly became the swamp manager. Instead of listening to the folks you installed as advisors you followed your own life long instincts and make calls that added more muck and mire to the swamp. You had a number of advisors who were (and are) well versed in running government offices yet you listened to a News channel because they sucked up to you. Your cabinet members is populated by possibly the poorest choices made by any Previous Presidents (even accounting for some poor choices made by them). Your “executive orders” are poorly thought out and for the most part unworkable for the majority of voters but a great photo op for you. You could have done great thing had your ego not blocked your way. You have mislead and outright lied unapologetically from day one while continuing to try running the government as you have run your businesses. It is unfortunate that your management skills are not as good as your promotional skills but then having failed in business multiple times perhaps the product of the promotions does not match the hype. You have had several world changing opportunities to make America Great Again by just doing the job you were elected to do instead you became a hectoring sycophant to Populist and dictators who do not have the best interest of your country in mind. You had one last chance to be better but you decided that keeping a pandemic causing illness secret until voters in the thousands died and millions more were infected and affected. So Donald how great have you made America?


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