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Has anyone considered that this push to install a new justice is a cover for the GOP? Using the ego of TOTUS and his quest to be perceived as better than he is, this quick move to put a third conservative justice on the high court is a legacy for McConnell that will haunt him but leaves an out using TOTUS as the scapegoat. El Presidente in his own mind has done a great thing for the country, this is not to say that the new justice will or will not be an asset for the court and the country but the hype has set a high bar for her. The politics of the appointment needs to be considered when voting for the members of Congress next week, these folks are playing with our futures and our ability to have laws that work for ALL of us. The truth is that the labels are a way to separate us. The only label we need and should take on is a ” Citizen of The United States”. All other labels should carry little to no weight in the bigger picture.


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