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The table below represents the percentage of the American Population by Race. White alone has the most significant rate and followed by Hispanic or Latinos than Blacks or African Americans.

1.       White alone,76.6%
2.Black or African American alone, the percentage13.4%
3.*American Indian and Alaska Native alone, percentage1.3%
4.Asian alone5.8%
5.Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone0.2%
6.Two or More Races2.7%
7.Hispanic or Latino,18.1%
*Prior to the arrival of White Europeans the American Indian or Native Americans population was 60 million

By combining all published estimates from populations throughout the Americas, we find a probable Indigenous population of 60 million in 1492. For comparison, Europe’s population at the time was 70 to 88 million spread over less than half the area. Jan 31, 2019

Looking at the numbers on Native Americans at the time that Columbus arrived and the population numbers now, it is 6.79 Million people. this is approximately 1/10th of the original estimated numbers pre Columbus. What happened to all of those people? This decrease was brought on by the crass and dangerous Europeans who took what they wanted as they did in Africa and other countries. There was and unfortunately still is a racial component in all of this but we as people fortunately have become blinded regarding the fate and effects on other ethnic and racial groups. These statistics are a primary reason to elect a new National leader and his abettors in Congress. This is the only way we can become a truly UNITED States. As a nation we have plundered or allowed to be plundered our natural resources (which includes the skills and abilities of the many ethnic groups). Our primary cause for the lessening of our values is the people we elect to represent us. Educating ourselves in what our elected officials do in our names is important and we need to do it to have the kind of Government promised by the Constitution. Remember: the two (2) middle letters in the word “POLITICIAN is “LI”). What affects one affect all.


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