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No Matter what one wants to believe, Donald J. Trump has lost the election! The funding for the numerous failed lawsuits are the stock in trade for Donald. He has done this all of his adult (Business) life. His modus operandi is to use someone else’s money as he has none. This is still true as the lawsuits are paid for by his backers including his “base” many of them cannot afford to contribute but do it anyway possibly in lieu of food and personal comforts. The GOP members who have supported this madness up to and including signing onto a petition to overturn the election. The high court has rejected taking on this case and TOTUS is furious as in his uniformed mind he assumed he owned the court because of his appointments. The worst of this is not over, what will be left is a potentially un resolvable rift in the country between the right and left with the GOP sitting on the right with known extremists backing them (whether they want them or not). It should be noted that the left is no better in their own pursuits. The current Congress has shown their preference for taking care of their big money donors over their constituents whom they profess to work for. Hopefully the voters no matter their party preference will remember who their elected officials really work for. TOTUS will trash talk any and everyone after this is sorted out so why follow the head lemming?


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