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It seems that loyalty is a one way street in Trump world. When it appears that Congress is actually following the law (The Constitution), TOTUS has set fire to the building and locked the doors. Now with no signed fiscal budget and other critical bills the Congress is flailing in the wind yet still have not acknowledged the fact that misplaced fealty to party over voters is akin to unleashing wild dogs in a playground. Their champion (and cover) has turned his ire on them for not backing him against the Constitution as they have in other cases which barely passed the smell test. This should be the defining message to voters that they get no loyalty for their loyalty to the party. It must be remembered that the party is still no more than a group of people with similar beliefs but different personalities and traits. Essentially the parties are an olio of people with similar interests that are hit or miss and sometimes do sensible things. Now that TOTUS is at the exit door, “Botch” McConnell is still doing what he does-obstruct in the name of fiscal responsibility. This flies in the face of the fact that no one in Congress has lost a paycheck, housing or medical treatment during this pandemic. The question remains “Loyalty To Whom”


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