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 It is unfortunate that we have allowed ourselves to be polarized by folks who have a platform that is widely read and distributed, their dis and mis information has cost LIVES, jobs and increased the suffering of the neediest of Americans. While all of this is occurring, the Right including the GOP is still pursuing their agenda where big business is more important than the consumers and voters. The current assault on Women’s health and abortion which is just small part of the anti-abortion issue. The right aka GOP and Trumpists abetted by FAUX news in the persons of _ ucker Carlson and S. Hannity et all. Have one goal in mind and that is power and using the strength of the extreme right, the Trump followers who are no more than the same type of folks who revel in the actions viewed on the “Jerry Springer Show” (Mr. Springer has stated that his show is staged). These followers are unfortunately aware of their duplicity in the problem by following and exhorting the misinformation the belies the facts. It might be well to point out that these promoters of the misinformation are out to enhance their lives and not ours. It is our (the voters) duty to look closely at the folks who are providing information and look behind the curtain of outright lies and understand that this is not what we want. We (the voters) must have a firm grasp on reality and the underlying reasons for our elected official’s reluctance to do the work we elected them to do and what they promised to do for us. If we (the voters) take a bit of time and read some history we will find that save a few, our elected folks have taken care of themselves and continually promised us that they would take care of us. As an example, why do we have high court judges who lied under oath about “settled” law? There is a method of relieving high court judged only if we the people push for it rather than hope or suppose our lack luster representatives will do their job. Our politics is about power and money, pure and simple. If you have money, you have power and using both to get what you want rather than being magnanimous in your actions. Simply put: why are millions spent to gain an office that pays Thousands? WE have had many “wake up” calls but we have failed to wash the sleep out of our eyes. Our only recourse is the vote and that requires us to avoid the “rhetoric” of politics and look at the facts. One fact that is apparent: “All politicians Lie!!”




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