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The real election is upon us and we have some serious issues. The Dupublican party has some deep-rooted problems. To begin with many supporters have no idea what a conservative is or perhaps do not realize what the party is  actually about. What has excited them is a candidate who does not hold his tongue and plays to their anger in general with the Congress and by extension the Presidency (perhaps). These supporters are basically anti anything government but many have voted by rote for years with no examination of the candidates qualifications are or if they are running for re-election , what they have done while in office. This applies to the Scamocrats too. The path of this country will never be smooth as the history of our beginnings began with conflict and prospered due to outside conflict. We became a world power due to War but we never recovered from our internal war in mind and spirit. This Presidential election uncovered the open wound of Racism and greed that was part of the Civil war that divided us over a century ago. The negative tone of the current election season was set 8 years ago and has only progressed with the ascension of longtime rote elected politicians in our Congress and some states. The real suffering will occur if the voting public decided to make a change based on rhetoric, fear and hate instead facts and information. There will never be a perfect candidate for any elective office but an informed voter can always make a reasonable choice and be prepared to change that choice should it prove to wrong. We must not be caught up in politispeak and campaign rhetoric since neither of these make policies that affect us. Remember “talk is cheap”. The world stage is so diverse that we (U.S.A.) cannot afford to ignore the events in other countries as these events will affect us now and in the future (whether we like or not). If we elect a President who espouses any bias towards other countries , religions and races then we are sure to become isolated in the world. That isolation will affect us financially now and in the future.

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